Production Units


The process units of the Nouri Petrochemical Company


Nouri Petrochemical Complex consists of 13 process units and a unit of storage and transmission of products. These units are responsible for receiving feed, product production and transfer. All operational units control through the FCS / DCS advanced control system and by experienced personnel

Unit 100: Pyrolysis Gasoline Hydrogenation
Unit 200: Gas condensate prefractionation ( Seperation of light and heavy compounds from gas condensate)
Unit 250: Naphta hydrotreating ( Hydrotreating the heart cut from unit 200)
Unit 300: Catalyst reforming ( Reforming Paraphin to Aromatic compounds)
Unit 350: Catalyst regeneration
Unit 400: Reformate and Aromatics seperation and producing Ortho-xylene
Unit 500: Benzene and Toluene extraction ( Seperation of Aromatics from Non Aromatic hydrocarbons by Morphline as solvent.)
Unit 600: Disproportionation ( Seperation of Benzene from Toluene and reforming Toluene to Benzene and Xylenes mixture)
Unit 650: Transalkylatin ( Reforming C9 Hydrocarbons to Xylenes mixture)
Unit 700: Para-xylene separation ( Producing Para-xylene from Mixed Xylenes by molocular sieve)
Unit 800: Isomerization ( Reforming Ethyl Benzene and Metha-xylene to Para-xylene and Orth-zylene)
Unit 950: Light Ends Desulfurization