The Crystal Statue of the National Organizational Excellence Award was given to Nouri Petrochemical Company.

Feb 27, 2023
Nouri Petrochemical Company received the Crystal Statue of the National Organizational Excellence Award in Petrochemical Industry.

Reported by Public Relations of Nouri Petrochemical Company, the 9th Organizational Excellence Award of Petrochemical Industry was held with the presence of leading organizations and companies of this industry, and excellent brands were honored.
According to this report, Nouri Petrochemical Company could obtain the Crystal statue of this festival and was honored based on the evaluations made by the organizational excellence evaluation expert team.
It should be noted that the National Organizational Excellence Award is conducted every year based on the evaluation of the approaches and management systems of organizations and companies and the results of their successes and on the basis of organizational excellence EFQM model 2020. The performance and risk of Nouri Petrochemical Company was introduced as a member of the top group of process evaluators of the 9th Excellence Award and honored with a commemoration plaque.

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